nubar resort yellow review swatch photo

Nubar Resort Yellow is a bright, sunny yellow but not quite neon polish. Three coats opaque, but like most yellow nail polishes it didn't apply that well. It still looked slightly streaky after my third coat and a topcoat, however if you use a nude or a white polish as a base it might have applied much smoother. Nubar polishes retail for £8.49 which I think is a good price for a polish as I tend to think £2-£10 is reasonable for nail polish. Although I would expect the colour to apply better considering the higher price bracket. But like I said I'm yet to come across a yellow nail polish that does apply perfectly! I wore it for four days with minimal chipping and to my surprise it didn't actually stain my acrylics! Nubar polishes are all big 3 free (Forumaldehyde, Phyhalate and Toluene) so no worries about nasties in you're polish. You can shop the My Sweet Escape Collection on Beauty Shed. The collection is packed full of bright polishes perfect for the summer season.