michel mercier detangling brush review swatch photo

I have a terribly unruly mane of hair. It matts, tangles and knots like there is no tomorrow. Despite popular belief I do actually brush it, It just doesn't like it! I bought a few things off Escentuals recently and one of the things that caught my eye was the Michel Mercier Detangling brush. I've sung the praises of the super popular Tangle Teaser before on this blog but I've always thought it had it's downsides. While it does a good job of untangling I often struggle with it's awkward shape and lack of handle annoyed me. This little baby smooths and detangles with minimal effort and little or no breakage. The Michel Mercier Detangling brush has a whopping 428 strategically placed bristles which disperse pressure differently when brushing.

For some reason I bought the Thick hair one despite my hair being ridiculously fine. I clearly didn't read the product description properly but it comes in Fine, Normal and Thick hair brushes. I presume the length of the bristles are different depending on the hair type. The blue one (thick hair) works really well on my hair despite it not being for my hair type. I will do a comparison post of this and a Tangle Teaser soon as they are slightly different even though they are designed for the same job. The bristles are quite tough so

I'm very happy with the brush and I'm glad I bought it, but maybe the fine hair one would have been more suitable. It's worth trying out if the Tangle Teaser just isn't doing it for you! Brushing my hair has never been easier and the ammount of breakage is a lot less. I really like the fact it has a handle as it doesn't slip out of my hair and I can get a good grip on the brush while using it on my hair.