LUSH LACQUER BIRTHDAY CAKE review swatch photo

I loooove me some Indie nail polishes. I'll put my hands up and admit I'm always on the quest for the next glitter polish and I've been flirting more and more with Indie polishes of late. Basically Indie nail polishes are made with glitter and a special suspension base. They are so unique and different from the types of glitters you tend to get on the mainstream market so I thought I'd start a new feature showcasing some of my favourites!

Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake is a bluey-purpley-white shade (I cant put my finger exactly on the base shade, although it does look fairly white, but sometimes blue toned) that looks like it's packed full of hundreds and thousands. The glitter is mainly iridescent with a few flecks of holographic particles going through it. I can see particles of pink, gold, orange, blue, green and purple as well as some multicolour strands too. While I have worn this alone, I prefer to layer it over a base colour. In the past I've used white but for the above swatches I used a periwinkle blue from Revlon called Dreamy. The base colour has mixed with the milkiness of Birthday Cake so it looks a little like my favourite nail polish of all time Models Own Utopia. I used two coats over the top of Revlon Dreamy and then used Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat.

I absolutely love Lush Lacquer as a brand. I love their little mini 5ml bottle. I buy 8 for £33 including shipping to the UK, which is slightly on the pricey side for just 5ml of polish but their full size's (15ml) are a very reasonable £6 or so. Birthday Cake is personally one of my stand out shades from the range and I personally highly recommend it!

I just want to point out as there is a little confusion in comments, Lush Lacquer is not part of the brand Lush. It's an independent handmade nail polish brand sold via Etsy. As far as I know Lush Cosmetics doesn't currently do nail polishes!