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Long time readers might recognise my knotted rosary which I wore religiously (terrible pun) a few years ago. I was clearing out my Jewellery box a few days ago and spotted it and remembered just how much I liked wearing it. Red is probably one of the few colours I tend to gravitate too. There is something about it that always catches my eye and makes an outfit pop. I like the simplicity and colour it adds to a simple outfit. I'm not particularly religious, but there is something about this necklace that I really like and cant stop wearing.

I'm home at my Mums for the weekend from today but I'm sure I'll be posting while Im here. It gives me something to do! I've gone over my data allowance for my phone and I have really bad shin splints from getting back into running again. Sigh. Lying down in a less comfortable bed than my own, but I get to see my Mum over Mothers Day so it should be nice. Plus it's always nice to get out of London for a bit!