Guerlain Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer in Sunny Pink review swatch photo

A product that's recently caught my eye from Guerlain is the Guerlain Terracotta Blush in Sunny Pink. A beautfiul shimmery fluid blusher that is the perfect additon to any spring or summer makeup bag. It leave a fresh, multidimensional glow to the face. It's very natural, dewy and subtle while adding a sunny pop of colour to the cheeks. The shimmer is very noticeable when swatched or applied with lightly with fingers, but I found when I applied it with a brush it didn't look as shimmery but there was some noticeable gold undertones. The colour itself is a warm pink shade, very similar to the infamous Nars Orgasm with less chunky gold shimmer. It's quite a pigmented shade of blush but with a light hand or a stippling brush you can adjust the coverage. The shade is definitely build-able, from a soft flush of colour to a brighter pop of pink. This can be used on the cheekbones and a blush, on prominent areas if the face to sculpt the face or on the eyelids to brighten up the eyes. The pump bottle makes it very easy to get product out with minimal wastage. You can get a really precise ammount out with very little effort.

I don't think it would suit darker skin tones but light to mid tones and especially tanned skin in the summer time. It has a really delicate finish which brings a sort of inner glow-slightly flushed look to the skin. A great multipurpose product which is perfect for the beach. Guerlain is on the pricier side but this is a nice spring summer transitional product.  The Guerlain Terracotta Blushes come in two shades Sunny Pink perfect for blondes to brighten the skin natural pink tones and Spicy Coral which is designed for brunettes to echo the spicier shades of their tans. I'd love to give the other shade a whirl as Im a mixture of both blonde and brunette at the moment!