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Another productive day, Got loads done and I'm just about to dash out to go to an event which claims to be the "newest innovation in hair styling"! Just that intrigued me enough to make the trip into central to investigate.  I've seen rumblings on Twitter about it already but I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself. I've reported on the Bioderma UK Launch event that I attended last night as a lot of people have been asking me about it. And unfortunately I can confirm that it won't be available in highs treet shops like Boots and Superdrug like some of us were hoping! It's unfortunate but a lot of pharmacies will be stocking it so fingers crossed it might be slightly easier for people to get hold of.

Not really much to say about my Outfit really, it was a throw on outfit as I forgot for a moment about outfit blogging! I bought the dress last night when I was shopping, I've nearly bought it a few times before but was unsure. I have a three return to the shop policy. Where basically if I like something and I'm unsure I go back a few times and if it's still there and I still like it then I will buy it! I also bought some new boots, that Im wearing in this post but I'll talk more about them when I have time tomorrow! I really looooove them!

I also filmed a Primark haul of some of the things I picked up a few days ago which you can see here!