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Radox Shower Cream: £1.99*

I know shower gel isn't the most interesting of products but it's probably one of the ones that we use the most. It's a daily beauty essential and I find the scent of a shower gel can add so much to my morning mood. I like things that smell good, wake me up and set me up for the day! Radox have recently launched three new scents including Berry Burst (a mouthwatering blend of milk and berries) Coconut Kiss (coconutty! Summier in a bottle, obviously!) and Cherry Blast (juicy fresh cherry!)

All three smell seriously good and I really do have to stop myself from eating them as they are just so fresh and natural smelling, None of that overly perfumey fake scents. My personal favourite is Coconut Kiss, I go crazy over anything coconutty and this would be the perfect compliment to my favourite perfume Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess!