my nail polish collection - reds

red nail polish lacquer review swatch photo
red nail polish lacquer review swatch photo
red nail polish lacquer review swatch photo
red nail polish lacquer review swatch photo
All shades are two coats (from top clockwise): Ciate Dangerous Affair, Mavala Bordeaux*, Max Factor Glossfinity Red Passion*, Estee Lauder Le Smoking*, Rococco VIP*, Nubar Rosso*, Models Own Red Alert, ORLY, Ciate Mistress, Barry M, Nubar Cherry*, Lancome 105M*, 17 Tropical Island, New CID Crepe Suzette*, Ciate Speed Dial, Stargazer 511*, OPI Get Your Glamour On, Eyeko Coral Polish*

Red Nail polish swatches

I've been hassling my good friend Zoe to continue her series on Nail Polish swatches of her huge collection but she hasn't so I'm taking matters into my own hands and starting to swatch my own instead. I literally have about 100-150 polishes in a wide range of colours so I thought it would be nice to do a new series dedicated to swatching them all up on nail wheels. I bought the nail wheels off ebay for a few pounds so over the next coming weeks I shall attempt to get all my polishes swatched and posted on here! As I've got so many I'll probably just give my thoughts on my favourites but each and every polish will be swatched up and included within the post, so match your favourite swatch with the labels below. This is going to be such a mammoth task!

Red's aren't exactly my usual jam. I tend to go for less classic colours, glitters and neutrals (I also have a lot of blue nail polishes I've noticed!) however on the odd occasion I reach for a red I do have a few fail safe ones I tend to go back to. Estee Lauder Le Smoking is a classic true red with neutral undertones. It's a super sophisticated classy nail colour which really warms the skin tone. I also like Nubar Rosso which is a metallic deep shade that is packed full of sparkles but isn't glittery. Out of all the Red Nail polishes I own Max Factor Glossfinity Red Passion is my favourite. It has a gel like finish which dries really nicely and lasts a really long time on my nails without chipping or flaking off. I've had it on for the full 7 days it claims and only really experienced a chip here and there. The colour is a lovely blue toned classic red which would suit a variety of skin tones. My other favourite red polish has to be Eyeko Coral Polish, sadly they don't make this anymore since Eyeko decided to rebrand themselves completely but the colour is lovely. It's a warm toned coral shade which looks amazing against a tan and is perfect for a night out. My polish has just started to get a bit too thick to use unfortunately and these are hard to get hold of! It makes me sad they decided not to continue making these!

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