own the runaway blazer* (similar here)
new look fur stole
primark spotted tights
topshop boots (similar here)
primark frill socks

Day Three done! Today was actually pretty easy, I did backstage at Mark Fast and only went and ended up FROW-ing at the show. How lucky am I? Honestly, thats one of those things to tell the Grandkids! A dream come true. The show itself was lovely, a real mix of the brights that I've seen all over the shows this season and the usual neutrals for AW.  It was a really interesting show. However now I'm back home and the buzz has all gone, so many shows that I need to catch up on! Especially the much talked about Topshop Unique show which made my timeline go a little bit crazy for! Tomorrow is a quiet one for me as I'm doing one show and then going to the Zoo. Life of a Blogger eh?