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candy confetti

Top coats are going to be big business coming into Spring and a fair few brands have caught up with the fairly indie or high end trend of the non-glitter topcoat. For my nails today I paired the L'Oreal Colour Riche Confetti Topcoat with my new favourite perfect pastel pink Estee Lauder. L'Oreal Colour Riche Confetti is a clear based polish packed full of salt and pepper (white and black) sized matte glitter in two sizes. I actually have a indie posh from Lush Lacquer called Salt n' Pepper which is pretty much the same as this. It reminded me slightly of the new Illamasqua polishes that have just launched that are speckled, except you can use this one over any polish. Estee Lauder Narcisst is a bright but soft candy pink witch subtle purple undertones. I even thought it was lilac until I picked the same out of the box. It's the most perfect baby pink nail polish I own and I am absolutely head over heels in love with it. Easy to apply, one-ish coats opaque (you might need another just for smoothness). The bottle is gorgeous and luxe, exactly what I'd expect from a high end brand like 'Lauder.

While I'm not sure if the L'Oreal topcoat is out yet, it's going to retail for around £4.99 from all good highstreet stores and the Estee Lauder Narcisisst polish came out with their Heavy Petals collection (LOVE the collection name) a few weeks ago and retails for a cool £14.50.