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review swatch photo

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Oh I do love a good fake tan. I've recently laid off the fake tan quite a bit, mainly due to the fact it's cold and the idea of standing semi naked for a bit makes me want to weep. However I thought it was about time I reviewed my current favourite. Xen Tan Absolute Luxe Dark lotion is a wonderful deep olive toned fake tan that gives me the most gorgeous warm but not orange glow.It's a very thick cream with a slight tint which makes it easier to see where tou have applied it. Perfect if you're like me and you always miss certain areas. I use a fake tan mitt with this but Im sure you can use your hands if you are careful about it. I find Absolute Luxe to be super moisturing thanks to the addition of Shea butter and has a lovely vanila-marzipan type scent. I find this absorbs very quickly into my skin, which is great as I always apply my fake tan before bed and come my morning shower I'm a lovely deep bronze.

I have no faults for the product really apart from it's hefty hefty price tag. I think almost £40 RRP is way too expensive for a fake tan even if I like it a considerable ammount. I do see it on offer all the time on Feel Unique and suck so it's worth looking out for.

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