Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash review swatch photo
simply the zest….?

Funny enough, I haven't actually tried anything from Soap and Glory before this. Everyone and their Mum gets that* Soap and Glory gift set for Christmas but I never have! I read some review of the Sugar Crush Body Wash and I really liked the sound of the scent. Zesty, Cirtrusy and bursting with lime, Sounds good right. I looked in shops for weeks for this before caving in and ordering it from the Boots online store and patiently awaited it arrival. I like the creme formula, it lathers up nicely on a bath puff and feels really nice on the skin. However the scent is ridiculously sweet, like the sweetest thing I've ever sniffed and my nostrils actually couldn't work out if they liked it or not. The sweetness mixed with lime is just way too much for me, it's too overpowering and overwhelming and slightly nauseating to some degree. I love lime (Lime cheesecake is my favourite EVER!) and I like sweet scents but this is just too much.

I'm undecided. I'll more than likely use this whole thing up but I definitely wouldn't buy it again. I wish I hadn't bought it so blind, but you live and you learn! Maybe I should try more Soap and Glory stuff out but the branding just doesn't appeal to me! We'll see!