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MAC Paint in Still Life, Urban Decay Primer Potion*, Kryolan Eyeshadow Primer*, Origins Cream Shadow in Ginger Zing*, MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork
prime those peepers!

When I first got into the beauty community one of the first things I noted down was the importance of an eye base. While I admit I don't always use a base before applying my eyeshadow, on nights out or those days where I know I'll need something to give my eyeshadow a bit of extra oomph I find myself reaching for a few dedicated products. Now, If you're going to be spending all that time and effort on creating that perfect eye look you want it to last! A good eyeshadow primer can enhance the colour  and stop the creasing of your eyeshadow while also making them last all day with minimal fading or migrating around your face.

Urban Decay Primer Potion is actually a fairly new product to me, I've used a mini before that comes in the Naked Palettes but never really tested it properly. Despite being initially underwhelmed I do like it and it does make a huge difference to my eye area. It smooths out the lines as well as creating a neutral base to apply shadow on top of. The colour is fairly nude and matches my skin tone well to even out the lid colour. The Krylon Eye Shadow Primer is from a super high quality stage makeup brand and does the same sort of job as UDPP. It lasts between 6-8 hours before some fading starts to occur. It does feel slightly greasy on initial application but I find this just helps the pigments of eyeshadows stick to the base more.

I also like to use cream eyeshadows as eye bases. I tend to only wear neutral eyeshadows so these picks are all fairly easy to wear. MAC Stillife Paint is a pretty old hat product these days, however I still love and use mine on a regular basis. A pretty champagne colour, which gives the lid a wash of creamy shimmering base before applying other shadows. MAC Groundwork is great for neutral eyeshadows, especially matte browns. These last a good 8+ hours on me and are perfect for long days when I need something I know won't budge. Origins Cream Shadow in Ginger Zing is another base I love because I find it really perks up my eyes before applying another colour. This is great for layering alone or as a base for eyeshadow which doesn't crease, fade or move during the day.