Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser review swatch photo
balm makeup remover

I remember reading about the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleanser a while ago on a few blogs. Botanics rebranded a few months ago and I managed to track this new version down. Like a few of the Botanics products they'd changed the formula so I didn't know if this new version would be good or not. I saw a lot of mixed comments, especially from those who'd tried and sworn by the old one saying that the new one wasn't very good. However this is purely based on my experience with the reformulated version.

To use you need to get a small ammount and work it into a dry face. Then take a wet hot cloth (it comes with one but a flannel would do!) and simply remove all the product from your face. It leaves my face feeling cleansed and refreshed without feeling tight or dry. The thick balm texture is great for the colder, dryer months as it doesn't leave you skin stripped of moisture. I do feel sometimes it can leave a little bit of a film behind but you can just keep scrubbing it off.

Personally I've really enjoyed using this, to the point where I've used every last scrap of it and featured in in my Empties video a while ago. I've moved onto a different makeup remover for the time being but I did really enjoy using this and would 100% recommend and repurchase it. It's such good value for money at £7.99 (usually on offer for a 1/3 off!) and lasts ages. Definitely a drug store gem!