This Works The Dream Team

This Works The Dream Team review swatch photo
This Works The Dream Team review swatch photo
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I've never been a big sleeper, Even when I was a kid my Dad used to pretty much have to stay with me every single night. I've suffered from things like night terrors and severe anxiety which have really made a impact on my life. This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a little 5ml spray that you spritz onto your pilow before bed. I adore the scent and the relaxing feelimg that this induces, by clearing and calming my mind I find it gets me into that "It's ready for bedtime" mindset. The This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less is a roll on that you apply to the wrists to help de-stress. I like applying this on my wrists and collarbones whenever I feel a bit overworked or stressed out. Both the products are made up of similar ingredients including Lavender oil, Patchouli and Eucalyptus. These are essential oils which help relax and destress the mind, so I can see how this actually works.

This little set is a Christmas set so would make the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa, or it would be perfect if you do want to test if they actually work! I actually think I'm going to buy a full size of the Pillow Spray as it's helped me relax so much in the evenings and I love the scent on my pillow. As I've mentioned before I'm always skeptical of the brand This Works. I always think othing that claims it works on the packaging can really work that well right? However, I do think it works amazingly well and like I said I think a full size Pillow Spray is next on my list of products to buy!

This Works is available at ASOS.

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