models own freak out

 models own freak out nail polish review swatch photo
 models own freak out nail polish review swatch photo

Disco Disco!

I've been experimenting more with darker colours on my nails recently so I thought I'd show you this glitter combination that I did a few days ago. All I know about the navy polish is that it's by ORLY as I got them done at the nail salon. However while I was sitting there getting my nails done, next to a lady getting a pedicure that nearly made me walk out (I did in the end!), All I could think about was topping it off with Models Own Freak Out.Freakout is a clear polish packed full of flakes, glitter and all sorts of wondrous shiny bits and bobs in purple, blue and teal shades. I thought this would be one of my least favourite shades from the Models Disco Ball Collection, but I actually really like it, especially layered over the navy!

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