everything Is alright

primark jumper (size 20 for oversized fit)
river island necklace*
claires accessories bracelets*
new look fur collar (old)

This has to be one of the most boring outfits I've worn in a while. I'm literally working my socks off at the moment on non-blogging things therefore "blogtime" is getting a bit of a back seat. I know a lot of people think I sit and twiddle my thumbs all day while thinking about ways to avoid brushing my hair or if Rimmel Matte Lipstick 101 is a good dupe for MAC Please Me (it is) However I'm currently working on freelance projects for a few brands for social media stuff.  I wish I could talk about it more, but it's all embargoed and hush hush. Hopefully once the projects start coming out I can let you know about the aspects I've worked on but for now my little brain is fried. I hate that my blog is starting to suffer a little because of it though. I used to work full time, go to university and blog and I'm starting to wonder how I managed to do all that. Although admittedly yesterday I was in hangover hell trying to focus a little after spending the night dancing away at the Daily Mix TV Launch party. A vodka luge, best blogging friends ever and Zoe on the decks happened, It was fun and definitely not your average Monday night! However I'm paying for my laziness yesterday today considering as I type this I still probably need to do a few more hours of work before I sit down and relax for the evening. I've lived the high life of just being a "full time blogger" for too long now! Le Sigh. Blogger Problems, First World Problems.

Anyway, onto the outfit. Today I opted for this super comfy super oversized Primark jumper. I got some criticism on my Youtube Channel when I showed it in a haul video as I mentioned I bought it in size 20. The comment basically said how I shouldn't mention the size of things I buy. I'm a firm believer of buy clothes in whatever size you want, don't be restricted by things that "aren't your size". I'm a 10-12 but my wardrobe is full of things size 6 to size 10 to size 20. Too many people I know won't buy a 14 when they are a 12, or refuse to see past a little number on the label of an item of clothing. I never look at labels anymore, rather now I tend to just look at how things fit on me. Size up for a baggier fit, size down for a film fit. I thought it was pretty logical but I don't want to offend anyone I just thought it was a good shopping tip. I'm often asked about my clothing sizes as well so I always think its better to point it out, I don't know though… what do you guys think?

I'm obsessed with these American Apparel Rib leggings as well, I always get so many compliments when I wear them I think I might actually buy another pair. They just have a really unique texture and are so slimming on the legs. I cant fault the quality of AA leggings either as my other go-to pair are from there as well. I pulled my ebay spiked loafers out as well as I hadn't worn them in a while, just to add a bit of something to a drab-ish outfit! I pulled out my trusty fur collar as well just to make me feel slightly more like Jon Snow.

Also the video above is about a giveaway Im currently running where you can win a box full of handpicked goodies chosen by myself. I'll be running this monthly and might mix it up and do a bit of fashion stuff in it as well. You can check the blog post out here for all the prize details or just directly enter the giveaway by going to the Rafflecopter form.

Sorry this is the longest blog post I've written in a while. I feel like I never have anything to talk about normally and today I have a whole lot of things to say! My life is generally quite boring since moving to London. All I do is blog, work and go to events. I definitely don't make the most of living in London quite like I should. I cant believe I've lived here almost a year now and I've hardly done anything that I wanted to do when I decided to take the plunge and move to a big city. It's weird as I've completely and utterly fell in love with the place but really take for granted that I do live in one of the most inspiring and exciting cities in the world.


  1. I don't see why people would be offended by you mentioning sizes, I for one find it helpful to know what sizes others pick up! I love this outfit it looks super comfy and cosey and just perfect for winter!

  2. That jumper's great! It looks perf for these freezing winter months! Love your jewelry too! xxx

  3. How can people get offended by mentioning of sizes? People get offended by everything on YouTube it would seem! I like it, why shouldn't we be open about it? I'm like you, I wear all kinds of sizes, I don't care!

    Dayner x UK Fashion, Lifestyle & Jewellery blog - mozzypop.com

  4. I love the jumper! I do the same too, I have a size 18 jacket and size 20 top, they look awesome and I'm a size 12, haha! Can't believe people would moan about that :( x

  5. I agree completely with what you say about buying whatever size you want and fits instead of restricting yourself! I always buy different sizes, whatever fits best ::) Anyway Cute outfit ::) I especially always love your bracelets! :D x

  6. Love the shoes, look very Louboutin, can't believe they're from ebay! Nice outfit as allllllways
    X RB


  7. So silly about the size criticism! I do the same thing. I'm a 14/16, and I buy loads of jumpers and coats in size 20. So comfy! It's whatever size will work with the fit you want. Love those shoes, btw. xo

  8. i'm a size 4-6 but almost always buy jumpers in a 12 from primark because i want them to be oversized! i hate tight fitting jumpers! i dont think there is anything wrong with you mentioning what sizes you buy (: i love the look of these AA leggings!

    L x

  9. i love that you mention sizes, i find it really helpful. im 100% with you on the sizing thing. except for jeans, im a 10-12 and always root for the size 10 to fit! people take issue with anything on youtube, ignore the haters.

    good luck with all your projects and coming up with new and exciting ways to avoid brushing your hair :)

  10. Such a beautiful look, I love that jumper!

    inthefrow.com x

  11. You look lovely Lily! You have such gorgeous hair & Style!x


  12. Loving that jumper , looks like topshop!!! X

  13. Love the Jon Snow inspiration !!! haha, love the jumper! x


  14. I don't get why people would be offended, im the same as you and buy things in all kinds of sizes because I like things to fit differently. My friend once cut out a label as it was size 12 and she didn't want anyone to know!! I thought that was shocking and im perfectly happy to wear whatever size. Don't worry about that silly comment, and yeah it is usefull what size you buy things in so we can see how things fit on us if we're similar sizes :) xxx

  15. I really like this post Lily! Don't worry about it being long :)


  16. Love this outfit, what a great jumper, Primark definitely have some good bits this winter xx


  17. Love the jumper! Totally agree with the clothes size thing - I just buy whatever looks right on

  18. That jumper is so nice especially teamed with the faux fur!x

    new post at wwww.beautifulthings-danielle.blogspot.co.uk
    check out my blog end enter my giveaway! x

  19. I don't understand why people are offended by you mentioning what size you bought something in, I think it's always helpful as then you know whether an item runs big or small. Either way, whether you mention it is entirely your business and it seems bizarre that people would criticize you for it.

    I agree with you re: the London thing :). I have lived there for about a year and a half and literally all I do is travel to work, come home and occasionally go out with friends. I guess it's because when you live there you think 'oh I can do the touristy stuff/go explore London more another time' but then you never do! xx

    Ps you look lovely here :) those shoes are amazing! xx

    Almost Delightful

  20. I really love the jumper! I think it's such a good tip, especially to people that might not know that it actually has a tighter fit.


  21. I think it's so useful when people mention what size they buy of stuff! It means we can see how to get a similar look. I don't see why someone would want you to never mention sizing when sizing is an important feature of buying high street clothes. Anyway, I love the sleeves of the jumper and your chatty post! xx

  22. In love with the jumper and shoes!

  23. i loveeee this outfit so much, i want everything!

  24. I really don't understand why some people are offended when you mention the size of the items you buy - I find it really helpful to see how items fit on people of different sizes, it helps - especially when you decide to buy the same piece of clothing online!

  25. gorgeous and super comfy!

    check out my blogsale - http://sugarfixxbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/beauty-blog-sale-001.html

    katie xo

  26. I love this outfit, It's so cosy and perfect for winter.
    I honestly like that you say the sizes of things, If I like the look of a jumper I'd rather know if I need to buy a bigger size to get an oversized look or whether it's actually an oversized jumper and I can get my normal size, especially it's one I have to order online as pictures can be misleading.
    Rosalie x


  27. Keep telling us what sizes you buy! Personally I find it a good reference as to how correct to sizing the item is, so if you say you've bought a size 20 in something that makes me think if I wanted to buy it in a baggy fit I'd probably need to size up too else it'll be too fitted.
    If talking about clothing sizes doesn't bother you, don't stop talking about it. Just because your not bothered by numbers doesn't mean you should stop for people who are.
    Also, talking about the things you wish you'd done whilst living in London, maybe that could be a blog post? I live 30 mins train ride from the city and I feel I haven't used my situation to my advantage, but I'm not sure what there actually is to do in London. It also might give you a bit of a push to go and do some of the things and get you excited about them.

  28. this is so perfect,i love all the different textures xo

  29. I know how you feel about the whole sizing thing, I was quite offended last week when I was told I looked stupid in baggy clothing (maybe in not so many words ha but that's the only way I could think of describing it). Theres nothing better than a chunky knit or a floaty piece of clothing in my eyes!
    Lauren xxxx

  30. People just love to moan about everything lol I find your reference to size useful, and your so right it's just a number on a label. Nice post love the spikes x

  31. I love the look, especially the faux fur, don't let the criticism get to you! People on the internet do it for attention, and to improve their self esteem! I'm not a size 8 and it doesn't bother me when people mention sizes! You are supposed to wear clothes that you like and that suit you and your tastes! I'm also insanely jealous, I would lvoe to have the confidence to move to London!



  32. great outfit xx


  33. People who comment and say 'you shouldn't do this or that' who are they to tell you what to do. That really annoys me. Have an opinion but don't try to change what someone else is doing.


  34. love the jumper and the shoes! x


  35. Lovely outfit. I'm gutted that I haven't seen this jumper in Primark! Don't worry about sizings, youtubers just sit there waiting to criticise people ;-). xx

  36. I am 100 (billion) % with you. Who cares what the number on the label says?


  37. Hey Lily! Just catching up on blogs after a majorly long internet hiatus. So good to see/hear that London has been working out for you. Know what you mean about work, work, work but at least you're being productive ;-) Would never have guessed those bracelets are Claires Accessories. Particularly like the cross one.

    Re: commenting on clothing sizes... If you didn't mention the size then you'd only get 98,334 people asking 'what size did you buy'. People want to know sizing info if they want to buy it for themselves.

    Sofia (Sofia's Journal) xo

  38. That is a good shopping tip and a good tip for being ok with your size too! Don't worry about it!


  39. I couldn't agree with you more re the sizing of clothes. No one but the wearer knows what that little label says, people just look and say "that looks great" despite the size. However, it has taken me a while to get to this mindset! Still loving these shoes, wish I'd bought them when you 1st posted them
    Dawn xoxo

  40. I don't really look at sizes that much either so I think you should still tell people what sizes you have got. Really like the shoes. x

  41. the shoooes! <3

    empty.hearted ♡

  42. I love your hair and your nails in the pictures!
    And I buy clothes in bigger or smaller sizes as well, depending on how I want it to fit. I really don't see any problem in it.

    xx Vivi

  43. You always make the simplest of outfits look so trendy and dressy, love the shoes!


  44. I love the shoes. And I never look at sizes, I just choose whatever feels best for me! You can't beat a good oversized jumper to keep you cosy during the winter months!
    Jess x


  45. i have the same jumper!!
    and got it in the same size. great outfit, the shoes are immense



  46. Haha that was so funny, made me giggle! 'I sit and twiddle my thumbs all day while thinking about ways to avoid brushing my hair' he he! Your hair is luscious so don't let anyone offend you, you're are so lucky to have that texture and finish!

    And I agree with you on sizes, although I do tend to reach for my standard size 6, however with I have recently purchased a primark mens jumper in khaki green and got it in L! It depends on how you perfer to style your clothes :)

    Wow wrote a whole essay, sorry

    Love Hamida x

  47. I totally agree with sizing, I have quite an awkward body shape and find that my size varies in every shop/brand anyway so always have to try on. I am a big fan of oversized tops and skinny fit jeans or bodycon skirts so I'm never really wearing my correct size! It definately is the logical way to dress I think, who cares what the label says!


  48. ♥ your shoes!
    I'm the same, my wardrobe ranges from sizes depending on what I want the clothes to look like! Size is only a number, people shouldn't be bothered by it :)

    Lana, xo

  49. I like that you mention sizes, it helps readers/viewers to know whether something comes up big/small etc and it doesn't offend me at all :S some people are way too easily offended!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  50. I always get jumpers bigger than my normal size as jumpers are something i don't wear tight fitting! Different sizes in different shops vary so in one shop someone could be a size 8 and in another shop they could be a size 12, its not always your size it should be about, it should be about the size you want to wear! x

  51. I love the shoes! I love London too but I'm scared to go live there as it's such a busy place :L <3 xo


  52. I always buy to fit rather than the label - half the time you can pick up say two size 10's and there's a half size difference between them!!!

    I'd much prefer it mentioned what size you buy, and especially if you've jumped many sizes to get a specific fit. It makes it so much easier if I later decide to buy the same item.

    Dress size is always going to be an issue, I just think some people take things way too personally and need to be less sensitive to a simple comment and not read too much into it.


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