primark jumper (size 20 for oversized fit)
river island necklace*
claires accessories bracelets*
new look fur collar (old)

This has to be one of the most boring outfits I've worn in a while. I'm literally working my socks off at the moment on non-blogging things therefore "blogtime" is getting a bit of a back seat. I know a lot of people think I sit and twiddle my thumbs all day while thinking about ways to avoid brushing my hair or if Rimmel Matte Lipstick 101 is a good dupe for MAC Please Me (it is) However I'm currently working on freelance projects for a few brands for social media stuff.  I wish I could talk about it more, but it's all embargoed and hush hush. Hopefully once the projects start coming out I can let you know about the aspects I've worked on but for now my little brain is fried. I hate that my blog is starting to suffer a little because of it though. I used to work full time, go to university and blog and I'm starting to wonder how I managed to do all that. Although admittedly yesterday I was in hangover hell trying to focus a little after spending the night dancing away at the Daily Mix TV Launch party. A vodka luge, best blogging friends ever and Zoe on the decks happened, It was fun and definitely not your average Monday night! However I'm paying for my laziness yesterday today considering as I type this I still probably need to do a few more hours of work before I sit down and relax for the evening. I've lived the high life of just being a "full time blogger" for too long now! Le Sigh. Blogger Problems, First World Problems.

Anyway, onto the outfit. Today I opted for this super comfy super oversized Primark jumper. I got some criticism on my Youtube Channel when I showed it in a haul video as I mentioned I bought it in size 20. The comment basically said how I shouldn't mention the size of things I buy. I'm a firm believer of buy clothes in whatever size you want, don't be restricted by things that "aren't your size". I'm a 10-12 but my wardrobe is full of things size 6 to size 10 to size 20. Too many people I know won't buy a 14 when they are a 12, or refuse to see past a little number on the label of an item of clothing. I never look at labels anymore, rather now I tend to just look at how things fit on me. Size up for a baggier fit, size down for a film fit. I thought it was pretty logical but I don't want to offend anyone I just thought it was a good shopping tip. I'm often asked about my clothing sizes as well so I always think its better to point it out, I don't know though… what do you guys think?

I'm obsessed with these American Apparel Rib leggings as well, I always get so many compliments when I wear them I think I might actually buy another pair. They just have a really unique texture and are so slimming on the legs. I cant fault the quality of AA leggings either as my other go-to pair are from there as well. I pulled my ebay spiked loafers out as well as I hadn't worn them in a while, just to add a bit of something to a drab-ish outfit! I pulled out my trusty fur collar as well just to make me feel slightly more like Jon Snow.

Also the video above is about a giveaway Im currently running where you can win a box full of handpicked goodies chosen by myself. I'll be running this monthly and might mix it up and do a bit of fashion stuff in it as well. You can check the blog post out here for all the prize details or just directly enter the giveaway by going to the Rafflecopter form.

Sorry this is the longest blog post I've written in a while. I feel like I never have anything to talk about normally and today I have a whole lot of things to say! My life is generally quite boring since moving to London. All I do is blog, work and go to events. I definitely don't make the most of living in London quite like I should. I cant believe I've lived here almost a year now and I've hardly done anything that I wanted to do when I decided to take the plunge and move to a big city. It's weird as I've completely and utterly fell in love with the place but really take for granted that I do live in one of the most inspiring and exciting cities in the world.