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Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub : £5.25 (review)
Dr Lipp's Nipple Balm for Lips : £11.50 (review)

lip saviours

Winter has well and truly come and my lips are as dry, sore and as cracked as they come. I've suffered from extremely dry and chapped lips for years, to the point where they just bleed and flake constantly. They typically get chapped because of a change is seasons or central heating and low humidity. While my lips are currently chapped Im desperately working on keeping them in some what of a manageable condition. I've been using the Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub for a while now as a lip prep before applying matte or clingy lip products. This works wonders at gently removing the dead skin cells on the lips while also tasting absolutely lovely! If you've ever had an After Eight, that is what it tastes like. I've also been religiously using the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips as my go-to lip protector. It's a super thick 100% Lanolin balm which keeps the lips from drying out while aiding the healing time. These products combined have really helped me manage my dry lip problem. While they aren't completely as super soft and kissable as I'd like them to be they are no where near as bad as they used to be!