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Topshop Powder Room Lip Stick, Illamasqua Androgen Pigment, MAC Hue, Topshop Whimsical, MAC Overtime Longwear Lipstick
Topshop Powder Room Lip Stick: I've been a huge fan of the Topshop Lip Sticks this year. Powder Room turned out to be my favourite one, It's a pale-but bright neutral pinky tone with some peachiness going through it. It's definitely not one for dry lips, this clings to every dry patch and accentuates any imperfections. However a good lip scrub and a bit of prep before applying really does make this much easier to apply. I love the chalkiness for some reason, it's a kinda old fashioned matte finish.

Illamasqua Androgen Pigment: Androgen is super pigmented bright pink coral with can look flouresent worn opaque or a sheer wearable peach when sheered out. The texture of this one is really odd, in the pan it's sort of stiff and clay like with very little slip. One applied it warms up slightly and sits quite comfortably on the lips.

MAC Hue Lipstick: My go-to nude lipstick. Hue is a pale pink, almost milky nude shade in the MAC Glaze formula. I'm not a huge fan of glossy lips, but the formula works on me because matte nudes can leave me looking a little corpse like! I've actually ran out of this lipstick and really need to purchase it again! The one pictured is my flatmates!

Topshop Whimsical: This is my current go-to lipstick. It's just the most perfect true peach lipstick I've ever bought. It's perfect for nights out or day wear. It's really brightening and flattering on my skin tone and lasts a decent ammount of time on the lips. It has a soft satin like finish which is comfortable and easy to wear.

MAC Overtime Longwear Lipstick: For the longest time I thought this lipstick was called Overdrive and only in the past week I've realised it's called OverTIME. Oops! This has a semi glossy neutral pink with a long wear time. Good for nights out or when your going out for food. It really does last impeccably well on the lips.