confessions of a beauty addict

brush cleansing I don't clean my makeup brushes half as much as I should do. I do try and spot clean all my eyeshadow brushes after I use them but when it comes to deep cleaning my brushes it just feels like such a chore. Id love to say I do it once a week, but it's probably more like every three. If someone could just invent a brush cleaner that does it all itself that would be wonderful.

the same face I wear the same makeup pretty much every single day and Im terrible at trying something new. I've worn cat eyes for pretty much 5 or so years, I remember the first time I did cat flicks when I borrowed a friends eyeliner before a night out. Since then it's stuck. I hate not wearing my flicks and don't feel like me without them! I get stuck in product rut's all the time! I have a drawer of products that I use most of the time and the rest of my collection is kept in a storage tower from Ikea. I sometimes wish I was more adventurous with my makeup but I honestly don't think I'm skilled enough to veer away from my usual cat flick, neutral shadow, strong brow look!

skincare routine fails I own enough skincare products to keep my face in good condition until I'm about 50, Although I'm actually too scared to use most of it incase it breaks me out. At the moment the only thing I use on my face is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo after removing my makeup. Unlike with my makeup, I'm terrible at sticking to real skincare routines and really cannot be bothered with the whole cleanse, tone, moisturise thing. I see the importance but I really am so lazy when it comes to looking after my skin! I have been good recently and have kept to taking my makeup off before bed though!

giving away stuff I try and keep on top of my stash by giving away things that I don't like or use to family or friends. I give a lot of makeup/cosmetics/skincare/haircare to Women's shelters. I get sent and buy a hell of a lot of stuff and if I'm not going to use it I'd rather it went to a worthy cause. Whenever I need a good clear out, I pack up a box of goodies and take it to my local Women's Refuge. If you don't live near one you can always send them over to Give and Makeup which is a wonderful cause. They only take unopened and unused items but I cant recommend the importance of giving away unused items to people who need it the most.

no touching! I never use products I'm going to blog about until after I've photographed them. Even ones that I really love. Sometimes I genuinely have to stop myself from swatching something right after I've bought it because I won't be able to blog about it if I didn't. I've been known to not blog about things because I gave in to temptation and used it before I could photograph it.