river island coatigan (old)
office boots (old, but similar here)*
essie mint candy apple & models own blizzard

I've grown a bit fond of hats recently and I dug this one out of my winter wear box a few days ago and it's hardly left my head since. I paired it with this check shirt dress, I wasn't sure at first and I was going to return it as I felt it looked a little bit… errr… hill billy-ish? However I decided to give it another chance today, so tried it on with a few different outfits and I think it will work in my wardrobe! It's an unusual shape, with a high neck and a strange concealed button down front.  My boots are one of the oldest things I have in my wardrobe that still wear on a regular basis. Wayyy back when I was just starting out (well two years ago) I won the Look Magazine Look Show blogging competition and I won a £100 voucher for Office as part of my prize. I didn't spend the voucher for ages but ended up spotting these boots one day randomly, and the rest was history! I wear them all the time and love them just as much as the day I got them!

Today I've been organising my products to review as I finally got my new storage! Im a little bit nerdy when it comes to keeping things organised and filed away. I'm focusing on Christmas Gift Ideas at the moment and trying to post at least one gift guide idea a day on ETCLLYMLRS (: Let me know what you think of them!