001. My week has been pretty up and down. Started off on the wrong foot with the first two days being write off.'s. I went for dinner with Urban Decay at La Bodega Nega on Tuesday and got a bit star struck by Geri Halliwell. I went to a Paul Mitchell Tea Party and then a Estee Lauder Christmas event on Wednesday both of which were thoroughly enjoyable. Thursday I went to a party at the Ice Bar for Boohoo's #knitb4xmas party. I really liked the Ice Bar actually, more than I thought I was going to! I then went for dinner at The Diner and cheered up again.

002. I ended up watching Twilight and going to Wagamama's last night which was really chilled for a Saturday night for me! I do love a good Wagamama (I really like the Teriyaki Beef Soba or the Yasai Katsu Curry) especially partnered with a glass or two of wine! Twilight was predictable, I've never read the books but seen all the films (my ex used to make me watch it!) so I felt I had to see the final part. I laughed through the last 20 or so minutes as I thought it was utterly hilarious listening to peoples reactions. I don't get the Twilight hype but it is a good but really lame film at the same time!

003. This evening I went to Primark today to stock up on knitwear and socks. I feel like every single time I go to Primark I buy socks and then lose them by the next time I make a trip to Primark. I hadn't been in a while so I picked up quite a bit of stuff so I might film a small haul video for my Youtube Channel tomorrow when I decide what Im going to keep or not keep. They have some lush jumpers at the moment so I did pick up far too many and really need to reconsider my spending with Christmas coming up.

004. Speaking of Christmas the countdown to the big day is getting closer and closer. I'm in two minds about if I like Christmas or not but I do like the atmosphere it has. I've been feeling strangely festive at the moment, although I think it could just a mixture of London feeling with all the lights and decorations, chilly air and the Starbucks red cups! This is my first Christmas that I've been not living at home (obviously Im going home for Christmas!) but I don't have "my" room anymore so it's going to feel a bit weird waking up in the spare room at either my Mum's or Dad's on Christmas Day!

005. I'm making a blogging note to make these awesome cupcakes that Sammi posted on her vlog channel at some point this week. There is really nothing I love more than cupcakes, cinnamon and Nutella. Best!