001. This week has been a super stressful one and I've been working all week on various projects and nothing seems to be slowing down over the next two weeks. I had a mini stress out in Covent Garden on Friday and had to sit down and calm down. However this weekend has been a chilled one. I went out for food a few times, drank lots of coffee and then spent today wandering around London looking at all the Christmas stuff. I think London is amazing this time of year with all the lights and the atmosphere. Im not a big Christmas person, but I really do love that warm, cosy feeling that comes around at the moment!

002. I just want to take a second to say how amazing is James Arthur on the UK X Factor. He's absolutely my favourite artist thats ever been on the show (Soz, Matt Cardle!) there is just something about him that I think is incredible. His cover of I'm Sexy and I Know it was something else! I also watched the USA version of X Factor this weekend and I couldn't believe the talent levels on there compared to the UK one. Seriously if you wanted to hear some amazingly talented people watch that. No joke contestants (cough, Rylan) just pure talent. Also, some of the contestants on there are 13 years old and have more pure talent than I've ever seen before! Absolutely incredible and I highly recommend checking it out!

003. This week I've made my first Outfit of the Day video since deciding to give Youtube a proper go. If you missed it you can watch it here, I'd love to know any thoughts on it. Im hoping to do at least one a week to go alongside my outfit posts on here but keeping it predominately beauty chat and talky videos. I also made a video on my October Favourites! As usual any requests are welcome, and please subscribe if you like to see more! This week Im planning on doing an Empties video and possibly another video, maybe a follow up to my Skincare heroes post from a few days ago!

004. If you saw my wish list post from yesterday on ETCLLYMLRS, I went and purchased the Topshop Boutique dress I mentioned in the post. It was just too gorgeous to pass up on and I think I might actually wear it tomorrow. I haven't seen an item of clothing I've got really excited about for a while so was super happy when I saw it in store and it fit like a dream. I'm just so uninspired by clothing at the moment, nothing is screaming out to me and I find myself more and more looking to the clothing I already have than buying new stuff. I suppose it's a good thing to wear what you have for a change rather than the constant craving to update my overgrown wardrobe!

005. Just incase you didn't know you can now follow people on Instagram over the web. So if you're not part of the iPhone club you can view all of my images online via my Instagram online account here. However if you do have a iPhone my name is (obviously) @llymlrs! I post wayyy too much on there so be warned! If you thought this blog was vapid and self indulgent wait until you see that! I've decided not to do those weekly instagram catch up posts at the moment, I might bring them back into regular content on the blog but so many people do them Im not so sure if people are genuinely interested in them or not.