REN No1 Purity Cleansing Balm review swatch photo

winter makeup removal

As winter is coming, I've switched over to using more creamy or balm based cleansers to try and stop my skin drying out from the weather and the central heating. As you may have seen in my Space NK Haul I picked up the REN Cleansing balm alongside a few other products I'd been wanting to try. The balm is very thick and nourishing and you do only need a small blob to cover the face. I massage it into dry skin, leave for a minute or two to break down all the makeup and then wash off with a wet cloth. It takes off all my makeup effortlessly without tugging or scrubbing leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. While I think this is perfect for face makeup removal, I cant help feeling a little let down by the product. Overall I've not been left disappointed by any of the things I've tried from REN. Most of them do exactly what it says on the packaging: kind on the skin, gentle and actually work. While I don't think this is a bad product by any means I just think the fact it claims to be suitable for the eye area and it isn't. The Cleansing Balm does a perfect job of removing the makeup on the eye area it's just not gentle enough for regular use as it does sting slightly. I'd personally suggest taking eye makeup off with something like a Micellar Water and then using this on the rest of the face.