Original Source Mint & Walnut Shower Gel

Original Source Mint & Walnut Shower Gel review photo
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This is hands down my favourite shower gel of the moment. It was one of those things I picked up on a whim in Boots one day and then ended up falling in love. It's packed full of refeshing mint leaves and tiny crushed walnuts (apparently 6989 of them!). Not everyone loves that "tingly" feeling you get from mint shower gels, but personally I love it. This shower gel so uplifting and invigorating and perfect for those mornings where showering feels like such a chore. Although it says it's a "shower scrub" it's not that good at exfoliating. The walnuts do exfoliate a tiny bit and leave the skin feeling smoother but there are better alternatives. Overall I can't recommend this shower gel enough, I've been using it religiously for months and seriously cant get enough of it!

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