dr lipp nipple balm

dr lipp nipple balm review swatch photo
dr lipp nipple balm review swatch photo
saviour for dry lips!

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness. I don't think I've ever tried a lip balm that has ever worked on my extremely dry chapped lips like this bad boy. When I got it I was like "NIPPLE BALM? LUL WHAT and then my second thought was "Lanolin, Like sheeps wool?". Dr Lipps balm is made of 100% lanolin, nothing else. No flavourings, no colour, no sparkle, no frills. Its super thick, very stiff formula almost to the point where I struggle to get it out the tube. It's strange as I don't find the balm sinks into the lips, it just sits on top (but comfortably) to form a protective layer which seems to not only keep my lips moisturised but stop them from being so chapped. It lasts a few hours on the lips before reapplying, but after two days of using this my lips went from chapped to super soft and moisturised and not dry in the slightest.

Dr Lipp's Nipple Balm is a cult product and has been hailed as one of "beautys best kept secrets" by leading makeup artists and industry professionals. The balm was originally formulated for the use on chapped nipples during breast feeding. However it also can be used on the lips, glossy eye looks, highlighting cheek bones and neatening up eyebrows. It reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream but much much thicker, and works an absolute dream. It's organic, hypoallergenic and paraben free- I can totally see why this has cult status and is an absolute life saver for dry, chapped lips! I cant recommend this enough!

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