burberry body gift set

burberry body gift set
burberry body gift set
burberry body gift set
burberry body gift set
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Burberry Body Gift Set: £44.50

classic perfume for the older lady...

The Burberry Body is a feminine and sensual fragrance with top notes of green absinthe, peach and freesia. At it's hear it has floral notes natural rose and iris, blended with sandalwood. The base notes consist of creamy vanilla, amber and musk to complete this eclectic refined perfume. The composition of this perfume is nice but theres something sharp within it that I don't think I really like. Despite its complex series of notes, I think overall it smells dated, strong and a bit overwhelming. Although I feel this perfume is more suited for the older market because of it's "classic" perfume feel to it. It smells slightly dated, but I can't put my finger on what is making it like this. Despite this it has wonderful staying power and does last a fair while on the skin.

The Christmas gift set comes with a 4.5 ml EDP purse spray to go alongside the 35 ml full size item. This comes beautifully presented in a cream box with rose gold accenting. I love how well this perfume gift set is presented and it looks really slick and luxe-something I would expect from a brand like Burberry. The purse spray is a nice touch as it's always nice to have something to take around in your handbag if you need a top off. It's lovely how the packaging of the travel size and full size are the same, it's rare to see so much detail in such a little perfume bottle.

I think this would be more suitable as a gift for parents or grandparents rather than younger people. I don't think it's something most people my age (22) would be drawn to despite it's classiness it just doesn't feel like a youthful perfume. Although Im sure this is something my Mum would like instead. It is on the pricey side, but you are paying for a brand name and 40 ml of perfume which I suppose is average!

Availible at the Fragrance Shop.

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