llymlrs hair new look lisa shepherd
llymlrs hair new look lisa shepherd
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Lisa Shepherd Salon London

So a few weeks ago I decided I need a bit of a  refresh. I'd let myself go a bit and I needed to get a few things done to sort myself out and generally feel like me again! I went ahead and booked a hair appointment at the place I got my hair done last time (post here) the Lisa Shepherd Salon in London and decided I needed to ditch the Ombre. Once again I got my hair done by Jason who is amazing and made my hair exactly how I wanted it. My main inspiration was the gorgeous Cara Delevinge, who like me rocks the strong brow look! I didn't want to too blonde, just warmer and more highlighted. It's really hard to show you what it looks like as for some reason it doesn't photograph how it looks in real life. It looks very ginger for some reason, but more caramel in real life! It's still very brown, but with a lot more blonde in it and highlighted rather than solidly brown. There is a tiny bit of Ombre lurking in my hair but thats because my hair was a lot lighter to begin with! Jason painted on my highlights and then gave me another set of ultra fine highlights to warm it up a little bit more.

Anyway, Im very happy with it, although I will probably go lighter again at some point! I need to buy a new brow pencil in a warmer tone to match my hair a bit more as my current one is a shade or two too dark! I personally think it really warms up my skin tone and gives my hair much more dimension. Very happy Lily!

DISCLAIMER: I fully intended to pay to get my hair done at the Lisa Shepherd Salon but they kindly offered to do it for free. I highly recommend the salon and I would have paid for this myself.  For appointments: 24 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JP, Tel: 02074679560