caudalie divine oil review swatch photo
multipurpose oil

I've been using hair oils religiously for the past year but never considered one that I could use on my body. The press release for Divine Oil popped into my inbox a few months ago, but I never got round to trying it till recently. I have relatively normal skin and although I have been trying I dont moisturise as much as I should. I noticed recently that my knees and elbows were getting very dry and cracked. I've been using this after showering after I've dried myself off, focusing it on my drier areas and massaging in the oils. The oil quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. My dry patches healed up quickly and my skin was left soft, moisturised and not sore. You can also use this oil on your face, hair and nails. The smell is very natural and light which is quite uplifting and relaxing. My favourite thing about Divine Oil is that it comes in a spray bottle. I find most body oils to be very, very messy! As it has a spray pump it saves on pouring out too much product, wasting it and over saturating

Overall I really like Caudalie Divine Oil. It's pretty pricey, but I think for a multipurpose oil it's definitely worth the extra money. Like I said Im not big on moisturising, but because I can use it on my cuticles and on my hair I'd be more willing to spend a bit more money on a product like this. It is a cult product and something you might want to consider if you suffer from dryness going into Autumn Winter!