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Topshop Makeup Swatched

Topshop Lips are one of my favourite ranges of lipsticks on the high street. Normally I wouldn't gravitate towards high street shops makeup offerings as they aren't really all that good. However Topshop Makeup has really made a impact in the cosmetics market. I really like formula of their lipsticks especially so I thought I'd do a round up post of all the ones I've swatched so far.

All of the lipsticks I've tried are creamy and pigmented with a satin-velvety finish. I find they all apply opaque in one or two swipes, I have very pigmented lips and always provide really nice full coverage. My only problems would be the fact I dont really like the taste of them, it's far too synthetic for my liking. Then again I really dont like any scents or tastes in my makeup at all! They retail for £8 each which is quite pricey when you think about it. It's in-between drugstore and low-high end lipstick price (for example MAC lipsticks are around £13) Personally, I can't say I've been let down by any of the ones I've tried in the past, even the ones that don't suit my skin tone as the product itself is very high quality. I currently have 5 shades but I do plan on expanding my collection a bit more with Topshop Idol and Topshop Ohh La La.