Bee Lovely

Neal’s Yard Remedies has recently launched a new ‘Bee Lovely’ organic beauty product range and have been campaigning to stop the use of deadly neonic pesticides which are killing bees all over the world. This is responsible for the loss of 80% of beehives in the UK. To help save the bee's they need 100,000 UK signatures on their Bee Lovely petition. So far they've made a good start but need help to get more signature by the end of November so we can present it to parliament and request the British government join France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in banning these powerful pesticides, and help protect the bees. You can help their cause by signing the petition at and promoting the cause via the #beelovely hashtag or following @NYR_Official.
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disclaimer: this post is a charity/campaign I support post & not sponsored. I was not compensated for posting.