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Alot of products I test out don't always make it into full blown reviews so I thought I'll pop regular quick reviews of things I've been trying recently before either expanding into full reviews in the future or letting slip into the backlog of products I test. Do let me know in comments if you'd like to hear more about products or eventual full reviews!
Quick Reviews

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel (£59)*: I can't say how long I've wanted to try this product for! The Microdelivery Peel is basically a less harsh - at home chemical peel. First you apply the vitamin c crystals and then the lactic acid and it mixes together to give your face a deep clean. My skin looked incredible after it's first use. Just so smooth, clarified bright and clean that felt baby soft. This is the kind of product that should only be used once a week so I've only tried it once so far, but gosh I'm so happy with it's results! I will be reviewing this in full after I've tried it a few more times. Hefty price tag which is what put me off buying it but if I knew the results I'd have purchased it a long time ago!

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask (£18)*:  I tend to find that clay masks work best on my skin, they are great for clarifying and drawing out all the yuckiness from my face. After using this one my skin feels so fresh and clear with all the oily greasiness and dirt removed. I like using when my skin looks like it's going to breakout or looking a bit congested. Although I do like this mask, but I still find myself reaching for my Origins Clear Improvement a touch more than this one.

Eylure Girls Aloud Sarah Eyelashes (£5.49)*: Long time love for these Girls Aloud Eyelashes. They were amongst the first pair I started wearing when I got into eyelashes and I still use them to this day. A really lovely full, spiky set of lashes that really elongate my eye shape and compliment the cat eye look I normally go for. They have to be good if I keep going back for them over and over again!

W7 Neon Nail Polishes (£2.50)*: W7 Neon Pink was one of my go-to nail polishes for a long time but I used it up and ended up not repurchasing it as they are quite hard to get hold of. I was recently sent the yellow and the pink and my love has been rekindled! I love wearing the Neon Pink on a night out, it's more of a creamy neon pink if that makes sense but looks wonderful with a fake tan! Three Coats opaque but for the price they are outstanding!

17 Tattoo Me Liquid Eyeliner (£4.99): Fairly new additions to the 17 range as far as I can tell but with claims for lasting up to 48 hours I'm really looking forward to testing this further. We all know about my signature cat flick eyeliner! I can't personally see myself testing it for 48 hours on my eyes but I will try it with a swatch. I know I don't like the applicator already as it's not very pointy, but the formula is smooth, pigmented and very VERY black. Will keep testing this one and report back!

Babyliss Boutique Loose Waves Styler (£29.99)*: Currently my favourite hair styler! It gives me loose waves with minimal effort! I found it quite hard to get to grips with at first but now I find it super easy. Curls my hair in around 5 mintites but I like to curl my hair and then clip it up so the curls have time to set before brushing out to a Kelly Brooke style loose waved hair. Thanks to the extra wide barrel it gives the hair a very old school hollywood glamour inspired look to it! Very elegant, simple and effortless. I did film a tutorial on how to use this today so I'm sure that will be up soon!