Ojon Rare Blends Oil

Ojon Rare Blends Oil reviews tested
Ojon Rare Blends Oil reviews tested
the most Beautiful Hair Oil in the world 

The Ojon Rare Blend Oil is a mixture of seven natural oils which all work together to repair damaged hair. The Oil provides alot of hydration, increases the hair's shine, protects the hair from heat and enviromental exposure. The oil is made up from a blend of oils which all individually add something to the hair. This has to be the most beautiful hair oil I've ever used! When I was shown it at a meeting i did a a childish fangirl squee as I was just so in awe of it! To use you need to shake the oil up to blend them all but they all separate back into the yellow, clear and red sections after a few minutes as they all have different weights and sit on top of each other.

I love this oil as it's so decadent, nourishing and really works on my hair. I have pretty porous hair that tends to love hair oils but I find it  especially loves this one as it soaks it all up immediately. You really only need a small drop or two added to dry or damp hair. My hair was left feeling really soft, nourished and protected. Recently my hair's been a bit on the frizzy side due to overuse of heat in the past few weeks but Ojon Rare Blend it's really helped calm it down a bit and tame some of my flyways. The fact that it doesn't have a pump niggles me a tiny bit but I can get over that. I really recommend this hair oil as an alternative to Morrocan Oil, if you're looking for a oil in that sort of price range but there are cheaper alternatives to hair oils out there. This should retail for around £29, It's currently Harrods exclusive but should launch everywhere else from October.

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