cardigan: topshop
shoes: topshop
bracelet: black tied* & turkish market stall
hat: topshop
necklace: topshop
socks: primark
rings: just access via topshop and kukee
nails: revlon red* (review here)

I sort of forgot about this Cheap Monday dress until I was going through my Instagram photos last night and saw it on one of my snaps. I'd hastily shoved it in a drawer under my bed to "tidy up"and it got forgotten about. I pulled it out to wear today and forgot how easy and comfortable it is to wear. I think black and white stripes are my favourite pattern, just so simple and cute. I'm off to a Clarin's event tonight (yayyy get to see blogger friends!), Then possibly go out for dinner. I'm absolutely craving sushi at the moment! I think I'm also going to pop to Oxford Street and return the things I've decided not to keep from my Not a Haul Video. My two week rule is up so everything I've not worn so far is going back to store! I'm trying to be strict with this rule, but I know if I don't wear something in the first two or so weeks Im really not going to wear it in the future! Also, I'm determined to wear my Alvin's in so Im willingly torturing myself by wearing them again today! Oh well!