Alot of products I test out don't always make it into full blown reviews so I thought I'll pop regular quick reviews of things I've been trying recently before either expanding into full reviews in the future or letting slip into the backlog of products I test. Do let me know in comments if you'd like to hear more about products or eventual full reviews!

Quick Reviews

Origins Super Spot Remover Pads (£22)*: Im actually not sure what I think about these. I love the original Origins Super Spot Remover but I don't think I love the pads. They are basically cotton pads soaked in the salicylic acid formula in Super Spot Remover, which in theory is a brilliant idea. But I find the packaging a bit clunky and large (considering original is TINY!) and not very hygienic because your moving from spot to spot and moving around the bacteria. Right now I think I'd pick the Original over the pads!

Avon Super Shock Max (£10): I got this free with a magazine because I vaguely remembered seeing a post someone did about it saying it was their favourite. I really really like this mascara and even talked about it in my July Favourites video. It's very black, gives loads of volume and length all while being incredibly build-able. The brush is a bit too large for my personal taste and the formula might be a bit too "spider lash"-y for some people!

Jimmy Choo Perfume (£38)*: I only have a mini of this perfume that I got from a goody bag when I went to the John Lewis Beauty Hall Launch but it's a lovely sweet, girly scent. I find it lasts really well on my skin to so I get whiffs of it throughout the day which I really like. I think I might buy this full size at some point as I do really like it but don't need anymore perfumes!

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint (£12)*: A multi use skin tint that is to be used to highlight areas of the face.I absolutely LOVE this as a cream highlight over foundation. It gives a natural, light golden shimmery look to the skin. I especially like it as a subtle cheek highlight. The new Lush Makeup range is actually really nice and I can't wait to try out more items!

Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder (£33.50): I bought this on a whim before reading any reviews, strange for me because it was SO expensive but one of those products I've been wanting to try for ages so decided to go ahead and splash out. I really like the finish it gives when worn over foundation, very lightweight, soft focus and finely milled. I don't normally like loose powders but this is gorgeous. It makes my skin look flawless and oil free without adding any cakieness to the face.

Duwop Lip Venom 2nd Sin(£26)*: I have the original of this and I do think I prefer the original Lip Venom (which is one of the best selling Lip Plumpers in the world!) to the second incarnation. It does plump up the lips in the same way, and the main selling point of 2nd Sin is that it's not supposed to sting as much as the Original. I do think it has a less intense reaction on the lips than the Original but it doesn't make the lips as full. So I guess you just have to choose between the two!

2True Effortless Waterproof Eyeliner (£1.99)*: This actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, At the end of the day it is £1.99 and I really don't expect anything for that sort of price! I don't find it to be very pigmented and takes a few going over's to get it as black. It then dries a too grey for my liking, and very matte and rubbed off my eyes very quickly and faded even more throughout. I didn't feel it was waterproof at all either. Big thumbs down! But it's cheap so it does depend what your price range is!