Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant (£5.29)*: If I could have applied this all over my body to stop me sweating on my second holiday I would have! A really heavy duty anti perspirant that really does an excellent job at banishing body odour and unsightly sweat patches!

Kleenex Oil Control Sheets (£2.99)*: I've never used anything like these before so I thought I'd take them along for evenings out when my shine gets a bit out of control! They work well at absorbing the oil without ruining your base. I patted them down my nose, forehead and tops of my cheeks to keep oiliness at bay! I'm going to try these out at home as well because they are a handy little thing to have!

Piz Buin Tan and Protect SPF30 Oil (£17.99): I don't really agree with tanning oil's mainly as they are such low SPF but this one from Piz Buin is SPF30, and I actually really enjoyed using it on my first holiday. I didn't realise it was so expensive, I wouldn't recommend it for that price! I didn't notice any additional tanning benefits, but it wasn't too greasy (for an oil) and absorbed quickly and kept my skin burn free and moisturised!

Primark Neon Nails Kit (£2): Nice little kit of 4 nail polishes from Primark retailing for a measly £2. I didn't really paint my nails on holiday only my toes! But I think for the price they are really good and do a reasonable job! The coral neon shade was my favourite, but I really liked the Orange too!

Babyliss Nano Dry 1200 (£15)*: Loved this hair dryer, It was so much better than either of the Hotel hair dryers that were in the Hotels I stayed at. For a hair dryer its size it has a lot of power and dries my hair in a similar ammount of time to my usual hairdryer at home! At around a tenner it's a really cheap and cheerful hairdryer. It would work as an everyday hair dryer for those with short hair too.

Gillette Venus Razor (£7.99): A last minute purchase at Manchester Train Station as I completely forgot to pack one with me. I've used these razors before with the inbuilt gel and really like them as I find them so much handier. It saves taking an extra item with you and works just as well as using with shaving foam. Although I do find after the foam pads have dissolved I'd use a normal shaving gel. It left my legs feeling smooth and fuzz free! Actually it saved me from holiday hairy leg related embarrassment so I'm glad I was mooching around Boots when I remembered this!