polka dot nails

how to polka dot nails dotty spots
how to polka dot nails dotty spots
ciate ditch the heels* and ebay nail art pens*
Simple Nail Art for Beginners!

Polka Dot nails are an oldie but a goodie! Spotty nail art is so SO simple to do and perfect for those just getting into nail art. It's really effortless as you don't really have to have a steady hand or worry about dotting in the wrong place. I have to say definitely one I'd encourage trying out if your not that skilled with nail art department! I personally get this look by simply just taking a nail pen and randomly dabbing a few spots here and there over each nail. You can get these from various high street brands like Models Own or Topshop, I've actually bought a huge job lot of nail art pens off eBay (which i've reviewed here). You can also use a nail dotter tool, but If you don't have a nail art pen then I'll direct you over to my Nail Art Guru, Gem Fatale's blog post on polka dot nail art. She has some great tips for making DIY tools for dotty nails!

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