Products: Shiseido Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact in Light Brown*, MAC Espresso, HD Brows Kit*, Pixi Beauty Beauty Brow Duo*, MAC 266, Unbranded Spoolie, Threaded by Feroza @ Feroza's Beauty Salon, Tweezerman Tweezers, Rapid Brow*

AKA the llymlrs guide to Scouse Brows:

To follow up on a recent post on how I maintain the shape of my brows. I thought it was about time I did a quick updated routine post to show you how I fill my eyebrows in and what I do to them! The routine has slightly changed ever so slightly since the last one I did over a year ago!  I think filling in your brows (in my opinion!) is so important to the shape of your face, I think once you start filling them in you don't go back! I

I still use MAC Espresso to fill my brows in most days as I find it the perfect shade for my brows, not too dark or too light. It's simply a matte mid brown eyeshadow, but obviously make sure you pick a shadow that suits your own brow colour. Although I also use a Shiseido Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact which is a handy eyeshadow and cake eyeliner compact. I like to mix the two colours together for my perfect brow shade. I also occasionally use the HD Brows Palette that I got in a Glossy Box way back in September. I find these colours okay but slightly too dark even for my thick dark brows, I feel they look a bit too done when I use this so I tend to use this palette if I want a statement brow. As you can see I tend to only use powder on my brows because I feel it's much softer than using a pencil. I apply all of these with an angled brush. I really like the MAC 266, as it's so small and flat, which means shaping the front of my brows really simple. I comb through my brows before and after adding the powder colour as I find it gives a much softer effect and takes away some of the excess colour. I use a spoolie brush. You can pick these really cheaply from a variety of stores or just use a clean mascara wand! The brow gel I use is from a Pixi Beauty Brow Duo, and although I really like the liner part of the duo it's a bit too light for my dark brows!

I've given up plucking my eyebrows completely and ONLY get them threaded by Feroza at her Salon (review of her work here!) I just think she's incredible and works so lightly and has enlightened me on how important it is to leave my brows alone and not get carried away plucking them on a daily basis. I go to her every two or so weeks, which does mean I have a little straggly eyebrows by the end of it but getting them threaded looks so much better than me plucking them daily and having bits grow back at different! If I was to use tweezers on my brows I would still wholeheartedly recommend Tweezerman Tweezer's, I don't think I've ever come across a pair of tweezers that are as good as these. I think until you've tried them out for yourself you won't see how incredible they are! So worth the money in my opinion! I've also been using Rapid Brow on my eyebrows to make them grow thicker at the front and help my elongate one brow that doesn't grow as much. I have to admit I have seen a slight difference since using the Rapid Brow and my brows seem to be growing back correctly. Feroza has recommended Castor Oil. to help them grow, which is alot cheaper than specific brow growth products!

To fill my brows in I use small precise strokes to darker the front part of my brow as it's fairly sparse, I then simply take the angled brush down the end of my brow to elongate them a bit then brush through with a spoolie to soften them slightly. I keep getting requested to do a video on this, and for the moment I won't be doing one on this. Mainly because the way I fill mine in might not work the same way on you, it's best to work with what you have than draw them on in a certain shape. It's important to find the correct eyebrow shape for your face and follow the natural shape of the brow.