Today I thought I'd quickly follow up on my original post about my collarbone microdermals now I've had them for 3 months and talk about some of the things people asked me about in the comments. I know not everyone is interested in piercings so I am sorry if you have no interest at all! I was actually really surprised with the original response to my post, I've had a few "EWWW" comments but not half as many as I expected!

The healing period for Microdermals is can be up to 3-6 months (well thats what I was advised!) but mine seem to be "healed" now. I've not had anything major caught on them yet and thankfully they've shown no bad signs of rejecting. A common problem with surface piercing is that the body rejects them as they are "foreign objects". I did think at one point they started to reject but I think I'd just knocked one and it was a bit sore. But to be on the safe side I kept cleaning it twice a day and wore them covered with plasters. I've become alot less careful looking after them recently though, I don't clean them as much as I used to (probably every other day) but I know people who don't even bother cleaning them which grosses me out! Like I said, I've had nothing caught on them but the only things I'd mention is sometimes bag straps or seat belts press on them which is uncomfortable but you can just adjust the straps away from them.

Im not going to say I recommend microdermals over surface piercing or piercings in general, it is down to personal preference and choice at the end of the day. But my experience with them has been overwhelmingly positive. I think the main reason is because I looked after them. Unlike when I got my monroe done and it got infected because I was young, stupid and clueless on who to look after it. I think the key is just to be careful and look after the jewellery best you can! I've been pretty anal about keeping mine dry, clean and away from fragrance and I think this has paid off. As I'd originally planned Im going to follow up and get two more done. Im really happy with them and the look they give so glad I got them done! I'm hoping to go to the same place I got them done in Camden this weekend! Feel free to read my original post for more information if you're thinking about getting them done!
DISCLAIMER: If you're thinking of getting them done I'd recommend looking for an experienced piercer, especially one that has experience with microdermal's. Make sure you do your research as surface piercing are very likely to reject! Everything mentioned in this post is related to my own experience getting them done and my healing period. It might be completely wrong, but like I said it's my experience.