inglot (£28.50)

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow: Pearl 605, Pearl 407, Shine 43, Shine 09, Pearl 606

A Non review on the inglot freedom system
A few days ago I popped to the Westfields over in Shepherds Bush to pick up some things for my flatmates birthday present and casually walked past the Inglot store and doubled back to get a closer look.  Pretty colours just tempt me way too much! I've heard a few things Inglot before but never really looked into the brand.

In the Inglot store all the components from the Freedom system are all laid out infront of you and you get a magnetic board to place your shadows on. So there I was swatching away at tons of different products trying to decide which ones I liked the best to go in my palette. Inglot offers a variety of face powders, eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks that can be placed inside a variety of different palette sizes. I chose the five pan palette with all eyeshadows in. Obviously I stuck to my usual mix of gold, pinks and browns with high shimmer formulas! They have tons of colours so Im sure you can find colours that are right up your street! The thing that impressed me the most about Inglot was the price point. The eyeshadows cost £4.50 each if you buy them separately but my five pan palette cost £28.50. The lipstick pans cost just £3.50, you can't even buy a decent drugstore lipstick for that sort of price! I think the price is incredibly reasonable for the ammount of shadow and the quality of the shades. If you think about it a single MAC shadow is £9 so they are super cheap in comparison.

I havent tried these yet, and I've literally taken the photos of this palette and went straight into writing this post. In store they all felt buttery soft, really pigmented and so so smooth. So excuse the non review, that will come soon as I get around to trying them. But I just couldnt resist showing off my Freedom palette in all it's beautiful shimmery glory!