Day Trippin'

Today I went to London Zoo. Yup. You know me biggest loner in the world 2k12 went to the Zoo on her own. I was actually supposed to be going with someone but that fell through so I thought I'd just ride solo! I saw loads of amazing animals and actually had a really good time. It was my first time going to London Zoo and I've always wanted to go have a look around! I strategically missed out the animals I don't like (reptiles, birds and bugs!) but managed to get around the whole thing and see most of the animals I wanted to! I had to fight the urge to keep going OMGGG SQUEE SO CUTE to myself at the ones I liked the best. My favourites were the Penguins and the Sloth. I think Sloths are just so fascinating but strange creatures. I've always liked Penguins and the exhibit for them was amazing, so many different varieties! I saw them being fed too which was all kinds of adorableness but my phone had run out of battery at this point so I couldn't snap away anymore! I even bought myself a little fluffy emperor penguin, because you can't go to a tourist attraction and not get a ridiculous cuddly toy (: