my original brows, three weeks growing out and not filled.

after two visits & filled

Eyebrow Threading by Feroza

My brows are one of my most praised and most complained about features. Some people love them some people hate them (Scouse brows much?) I also have a love hate relationship with brows. It's taken me years to get them to the shape they are now, They still need work, and Im constantly losing a fighting battle to get them to not be so far apart. But Im getting there slowly but surely! Im lucky that I'm blessed with a strong natural eyebrow shape as well as quite thick, dark brows, but the front is very sparse and grows in the wrong direction. I recently went and got my brows threaded by Feroza at the Skin Health Spa which is near Liverpool Street Station. She's there on Wednesdays but the rest of the week she is at her Salon in Covent Garden.

I normally get my brows done in shopping centres, department stores or random shops in Tooting (£3 for a eyebrow threading!). All leave me with sore red brows and my eyes watering so I have to swiftly go straight home after I get them done. Feroza on the other hand is a brow expert. She sat me down and explained everything behind threading and how she does it. I've never had anyone talk to me about threading, Normally Im plonked down and threaded within 5 seconds of saying I want my brows done. I always wrongly assumed Threading was an Indian art but it actually originates from China but was then popularised later in India. Feroza even told me that her sister was one of the first people to offer Threading in London. Feroza explained to me exactly what was wrong with my brows, telling me about little things that the other threaders had done wrong and explained how she was going to fix them. Like I said the main problem is that they are too far apart, but then she explained that the hair in my brows is also growing in the wrong direction which is making them look less full at the front. Which is probably from them being trimmed too much and not being shaped correctly.

Feroza works very lightly, In my experience threading really aggravates my brows and I end up with sore red swollen eyebrows as I leave the salon. If I get it done in shopping centres I always run straight off home because they look so bad! I actually experienced little to no pain after getting them done. She reshaped my brows and told me where I need to grow out my brows. I have been to Feroza to get my brows done since my initial meeting with her at the Skin Health Spa and I really can't praise her or her work enough. I'd rather splash out on getting my brows done by her than pay a few pounds for a eyebrow threading experience that really hurts and ruins the shape of my brows. As I mentioned I'm SO lucky to have a strong natural brow shape but Feroza claims she can sort out anyone's in three to four sessions. If you're in the Central London area I highly recommend going to her as she is now the only person I trust with my eyebrows!
Like I mentioned, I originally got my brows done for free at the Skin Health Spa on Liverpool Street, but have since paid for treatments with Feroza. You can see her website with all the treatments offered here or give her a call to book an appointment on 07958017776