This eau de toilette is named after the city of Edo, the former name of Tokyo, where very fresh scents, structured upon citrus fruit, such as yuzu (multifaceted cousin to the lime), were very much in demand. It recalls a citrus orchard on the shores of the Pacific. A fresh scent, yes, but also distinguished and joyous, warmed by sun-drenched thyme.
sweet with a Fizzy Citrus Kick

I was recently invited along to a event at the Diptyque store on Brook Street. Here I was introduced to the brand a little more and was able to be talked through scents that I may like. In the end I picked out Oyedo, which has notes of yuzu, grapefruit, lime, orange, mint, thyme, and woods. On first spritz I think it smells really strong and fizzy with a pop of citrus. I think describing a perfume as fizzy is odd but it does have this sort of fizz feeling to it, if you smelt it you'd know exactly what I mean! It's a tiny bit on the sweet/sickly side but I find it dries down to a softer green, citrus base. I think this is going to be my go-to winter perfume, it has a strange sense of warm and earthiness that I really like in the winter even though I think this perfume is probably designed to be a summery one. I like the fact Oydeo really lingers on my skin and I can still smell it throughout the day.

The perfume itself was ridiculously pricey at £50 for 50mls, although I did get it discounted to £37 because of the event I was at. However the exquisite quality of these perfumes and the unusual refreshing scents make them something that is more of an investment piece than just a perfume. I can't rave about it enough, it's a stunning perfume and I'm very pleased that I was introduced to the brand!