dress: topshop
shoes: converse
bracelets: turkish market stall, topshop, black tied*, kukee

Woo. It's been a while white background hey? Sorry these are less visually stimulating as it has been normally! Today I've been at a photoshoot (I'll share snaps soon, or maybe just when the issue comes out! Which would you prefer?) and some meetings and now I'm at home chilling. Hopefully I can pursuade my housemate to come out for a drink in the sun tonight! London is incredibly hot today, Not Turkey hot. But warm and stuffy enough to get people complaining!  Although Im happy for the nice weather here for a change!

I wore my Topshop Boutique silk dress, Converse Low Tops and my Zara beloved grey and rose gold satchel bag. I tried lots of outfits on this morning but nothing really fit right for the look I wanted to go for, All I wanted was something laid back and cool but effortless. Therefore all these item's ticked the boxes! Excuse my orange/red eyeshadow I really couldn't be bothered to redo my makeup after the photos! It's surprisingly grown on me as it suits my eye colour really well, just a little out there for me! My legs look a strange colour as my lighting is restricted at the moment as we have some builders in! I can confirm they are a glorious shade of RL orange!