Sure Maximum Protection 48 Hour review photo testedSure Maximum Protection 48 Hour review photo tested
Sure Maximum Protection: boots / superdrug (£5.30)*

I don't know about you, but I hate buying everyday beauty products. Things like deodorant, shower gel, razor's and toothpaste. All are things Im really reluctant to shell out my money on. I'll happily stroll into Boots and come out with at least £20 worth of hair or skincare but never the basics! Like I said deodorant is one of them, I just hate buying it normally opting for the biggest can of whatever is on offer. Im not particularly brand loyal! Regardless, I was sent the Sure Maximum Protection 48 Hour antiperspirant to test out so I though I'd give my thoughts on it.

Sure Maximum Protection claims to have 48 hours of under arm protection. You are supposed to apply this at night before you go to bed and then it should last you all day. I have to admit I haven't tested it for 48 hours, I don't think anyone would be willing to test that claim without a wash! But I have to say it does last all day with no under arm wetness or odour. I thought the application was odd at first so just applied it as I normally do after I've had my morning shower. But I tested it by applying it at night and then not applying after my shower and it seemed to work still.

The formula is a creamy twist up stick, which almost feels like a lotion when applied and dries to a powder. I don't tend to gravitate towards these sorts of formulas as I prefer spray but this one works amazingly! I feel it takes a while to settle into the underarm though before it dries down completely.

I have to say this is a total summer must have, Say goodbye to sweaty pits as the Sure Maximum Protection deodorant will keep you fresh all day. I would 100% buy this product again despite what I would call a hefty price tag for a deodorant, but it does work incredibly well and will be perfect for the summer. I wore this while I was away on holiday in Turkey and still, no under arm wetness or unsightly patches on my tops despite the sweltering heat. I've also tested it on the tube, and they really should give these out at the station entrance to cut out all the BO, especially during the Olympics! It has to be one of the strongest antiperspirants I've ever tried out and I really do like it and think that it is worth the extra few pounds! Sure Maximum Protection is super heavy duty, and if you have issues with your underarms then this would be the best fiver you've ever spent!