dress: asos
necklace: asos
bracelets: various turkish market stalls, topshopblack tied*

001. Another, "Oh I didn't realise it was Sunday" type post! And a bit of a mish mash of an outfit post and a sunday one! Day's have floated into one recently and I thought yesterday was Friday even though it wasn't, hence missing my week in photos day. All is well here and its now only two more days left until I fly back, I was going to go home for a few days but now Im going straight back to London off the plane to London, then possibly going to a festival at the weekend. In some ways Im craving getting back to normality, doing my daily things, seeing my pals and shedding these holiday sly lbs! I felt happy with my figure until I came away and now I feel like back at square one! I always find it strange how two weeks of not working out and eating the wrong foods can affect my body! I'm "middle heavy" so I find my weight goes straight to my tummy and thighs, not good when your expected to wear a bikini on holiday!

002. On this Holiday I've read a Dance with Dragons By George RR Martin (LOVED, but Im a massive ASOIAF geek), Two books from the Hunger Games Series (mediocre, but an easy holiday read and not bad, i just thought it was cliche) and started reading Fifty Shades of Grey (gave up, just isn't my kinda book at all!). Im now FINALLY reading A Fault in Our Stars by John Green which is so far so good. But then again I also wish John Green was my husband so I could be slightly biased! Any other holiday read recommendations for my next holiday will be welcome in comments!

003. Off topic from holiday chit chat, but sort of on topic in regards to blogging and my attitude towards it. I don't agree with alot of things on IFB, but a email came into my inbox with one of their latest articles about Competition vs Comparison. Personally I think competition and comparison is natural within blogging (and unfortunately part of being a human), but it is so important to harness these "comparisons" and use them to make your blog better. I've always tried to push myself and challenge myself to get to where I am today by setting small goals along the way. I read alot of blogs, it's important to see whats out there and what other people talk about. But then somedays I sit down at my computer, go on Bloglovin' and look all the blogs that I enjoy reading, especially the ones I aspire to be like and think "why can't my blog be like theirs?" While I'm happy with where I've got myself, I try to keep myself motivated by seeing others success and pushing myself to get those few steps closer to those small goals. Blogging does get bitchy, and I think we all get a touch of the green eyed monster at times (I'll put my hand up and be honest about that!), but I think its so importunity to use that to motivate yourself to write a better blog, engage with the people who read your blog or even improve your photography. This will make you a better blogger, not a bitter one! To quote the article “Competing will make you a better blogger, comparing will make you a bitter blogger”.

Gosh this is so long already so I'll leave it there!