001. As I mentioned in todays outfit post (and you can see from the photo!) I'm currently in Manchester Airport Travelodge! I am off on holiday again for a week with my Mum in Turkey (again). This time we are going to Olu Deniz which is in the west if Turkey (Mum told me this, cba to google it!) I know I've only just got back from my other holiday and settled back into normal life and I'm straight back off again! I still haven't really got into the mindset of going on holiday and I really don't think it's going to hit me until I step off that plane again that I'm going away again! I think I'll be blogging as per usual so it probably won't even effect the content on here or ETCLLYMLRS too much!

002. YouTube is going well, it's actually really intimidating as a blogger to move into a more video medium! I do feel so out of control and uncomfortable on camera but I am really trying to relax and not say "um" as much. Although apparently I say it a lot in real life and can't help it as it's naturally how I talk/think but I know some people find it irritating so I will try not to do it! I am keeping up with my goal of doing one video a week at the moment and just seeing how it goes for now! I hope to do a hair routine next as it is my most requested things on here and on my channel. I really don't use many products or special ways of styling it though so it might be a bit disappointing! My straight style is my natural hair and the curled one is courtesy of the enrapture totem styler!

003. Mulberry giveaway winner is going up tomorrow morning! Yes, I've finally scheduled the post and picked the winner using the Rafflecopter selection tool! I know people keep asking about this and there is absolutely no reason why I haven't got round to posting it apart from my own laziness and it being at the bottom of my to do list since I got back! It did end over two weeks ago now so I really do need a big slap on the wrist! So I do apologise if you have been checking back religiously! And those who only followed for the giveaway can unfollow again soon ;) The winner will be contacted within two-three days, and the item will be sent once I return to the UK! I really hope the winner loves their prize!