Now Im finally back from my holiday(s) I thought I'd do set of round up reviews on some products that I used and tested while I was away. I've split them up into categories of Face, Hair, Makeup and Miscellaneous. Just for convenience sake as they will get pretty long if I did it all in one big post! I wanted to use my two holidays to try out as many summery products as I could. Please note I did take an excessive ammount of products with me on holiday purely so I could test them out while I was away in hot weather for the benefit of people who read my blog! I would never normally take this much at all! As I try out a lot of products all the time, some naturally just don't make the cut onto the blog and get skipped over. Some of these products might be reviewed in full in the future but I thought I'd stick to a series of mini reviews just for some little thoughts! Do let me know if you'd like to hear more about individual products and I'll try and review them all properly in due course!

By Terry Sunbooster (£65)*: To be honest I wasn't 100% sure what this really did at first, Its sort of a gel moisturiser for the face that supposedly has a bronzing effect. I didn't really notice much of a tan coming along, although my body tans well, my face doesn't at all. If I wasn't gifted this product by Space NK I don't think I would have looked twice at it, especially with the incredibly high price tag! Not worth the money in my opinion and I wouldn't personally recommend it! Maybe Im using this wrong, Im willing to give it another go as it feels nice on the skin and hydrating but I just don't get a "glow" from it!

Origins A Perfect World SPF 35 (£20): I've done a full review on this but thought I'd mention it again as it was my favourite facial SPF I tried. It's a handy little sunscreen that feels incredibly light on the skin and melts into the skin without feeling over saturated or greasy. The product itself also has a lot of skincare benefits as it contains White Tea which is a great protector for environmental damage! I really enjoyed this on both my holidays and would recommend this as a skin protector and a facial SPF!

This Works Perfect Skin Defence SPF 30 (£30)*: This is more of a tinted moisturiser and skin protector than a sunscreen although it does have UVA/UVB protection. It's toned every so slightly too pale and grey (this asian BB cream style colour) for my natural skin tone, so I wasn't able to wear it once I did get a touch of colour on my body as it looked too washed out. I found it felt way too thick, dry but also tacky and uncomfortable to wear. It felt almost more of a foundation type feeling than a tinted moisturiser as I presume most of them "melt" into the skin like a regular moisturiser! Although it was more mattifying than the Origins facial sunscreen it didn't particularly impress me and I wouldn't recommend it.

Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Cream (£32): Holy Moly I can't recommend this cream enough. Its perfect for my dehydrated but oily skin and excellent for soothing the face after a day in the sun! It kept my skin feeling fresh, plump and hydrated in the hot weather! I'll be doing a full review/rave about this soon though!

17 Way To Glow Wash Off Tan in Dark (£4.99) : This is your standard wash off tan. As I said I don't really tan of the face so I need something to even out my face and body. I used this 17 Instant Glow in the evenings a few times as my base to even my skintone. It works well even though it was pretty dark, which for me is saying something! I do like these wash off bronzer's but this one just was a few shades to dark for me! I prefer the Rimmel Wash off Tan to this one so I think I'd stick to that in the future!

Xen Tan Facial Tanner (£12)*: This was my facial tanner of choice when I was away. I'd apply this every night before I went to bed after my Origins Cream. It evened out my face and body tan issues and gave me a nice warm glow to the face without getting too dark or looking unnatural! It really suited my natural skin tone as well and brought out the olive tones in it without going too orange.

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist (£5.99)*: I actually quite liked this little spray bottle from Simple. It smells fresh and was nice to use throughout the day too refresh and keen the skin hydrated! I don't know if it really had any skincare benefits, I've had bad relationships with Simple Skincare before but I did enjoy trying this one out and nothing bad came of it. Similar style product to MAC Fix + as it's nice to refresh your makeup if it's a bit too powdery!