Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo testedPop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo testedPop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo testedPop Beauty Lid Bronzer swatch review photo tested
Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer: pop beauty / asos (£15)

The Pop Beauty Lid Bronzer has become one of my all time favourite eyeshadow palettes. I mentioned it in my July Favourites video
, but was rudely cut off by my camera! I thought I best get around to posting about this too as I have to admit I love it SO much! I wasn't too aware of the brand until I was invited along to the PIXI Beauty A/W launch and was allowed to pick a variety of products from the PIXI Store.

The colours from the Lid Bronzer Palette are all very pretty and warm toned colours ranging from a creamy shimmery white to a gorgeous coppery brown. The Lid Bronzer palette contains a total of 6 neutral shimmery shades that are shimmery and metallic in finish rather than chunky and glittery. The colours suit my eyes (blue green) and my skin tone (currently warm, olive and very tanned!). The copper shade is my favourite as I love to have it blended on my lid and then drawn a little under the eye for a Olsen style copper look! For shimmery eyeshadows I had very little fall out. They are soft, silky and very buttery and apply like an absolute dream.

I thought the packaging would bother me as it's a bit gimmicky and flimsy as it is made out of cardboard. Although I've actually found it great for travelling. I've taken it on holiday with me and I've had not issues with breakages or smashed contents. As the palette is so small and slim it fits perfectly into makeup bags, I think it would even fit into a little purse its that small! The shade range is perfect to take a look from day to night which makes it very practical for on the go.

Honestly, this has to be one of my most loved and used palettes since I got it a few weeks ago. I don't really buy (or review) eyeshadows as I don't have much interest in them. But this Lid Bronzer Palette is definitely one to try out if you're looking for a Naked Palette alternative that is WARM rather than strange coolness of the two Naked Palettes (for the record I don't like either)! For £15 you're getting 6 beautiful shades of pigmented shimmery shadow.

Note: As always, No swatches as I find them highly inaccurate! Skin tones are pretty different, I have however made the images as true to life as can be, and the shades are true to pan.
Pop Beauty Lid palettes retail for £15 and come in Nude, Neon, Bronzer, Amethyst and Monochrome shade ranges and are available from Pop BeautyASOS