I thought I'd share this amazing drawing of me by the incredibly talented Harriet Gray drew of me. As soon as she emailled me over the initial drawing, I knew I 100% had to go ahead and buy the print for my Mum. She'd been banging on about wanting a drawing of me for the house for years so I thought this would be absolutely perfect. I can confirm she loved it, and now I've seen the print in person, it looks incredible in real life! This drawing is based on this outfit I wore here from a few months ago in a ASOS dipped back dress and a Primark armour style necklace.

Harriet didn't ask me to post this but I knew I wanted to share it on here, as I simply can't put into words how much I love it! She's a freelance illustrator who graduated from Bournemouth Arts Institute back in 2008. She told me she works mainly in pencil with the occasional use of watercolour and crayon. I especially loved the softness of the colours, the detail in the hair and the eyes and then the pop of colour that she used for the cross print. Harriet also  takes commercial and personal commissions, including headers for blogs. You can also find her work on Etsy or check out her other work on her blog here. I have to say a big massive thank you to her for drawing me! Would it be too narcissistic of me to get another copy for my room at home?